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Company News, 30 January 2020

Online trading platforms: why to choose?

The finance space has experienced a revolution in the adoption of various web and mobile technology. Online trading technology has given anyone with a computer and enough money to open an account and invest, sometimes without the need for a personal broker or disposable fortune. The rise in the number of people trading financial instruments has led to a proliferation of online trading platforms. These platforms have made markets more accessible, offering a wide variety of options for all types of traders.

Online trading platforms provide many advantages including affordability for all, greater control, faster transactions, they help avoid brokerage bias by allowing individuals to take matters in their own hands, allow traders to monitor investments in real-time and can be fully automated focusing on other things without the need to be on their computers 24/7.

Investors Europe is one of the revolutionary firms in the financial space. We provide the largest selection of award-winning online trading platforms compared to any other broker. Our execution-only multi-asset broker status allows our clients to place orders straight to the market in all asset classes, thus eliminating any conflict of interest.

We are a leader in secure, transparent and regulated online trading, following global best practices. Multiple platforms provide our clients the ability to easily switch between markets and instruments worldwide, making their portfolios absolutely customizable.

These platforms are highly customizable for desktop, web and mobile devices, integrating major platforms such as Bloomberg EMSX, Fidessa, CQG, and many more. Furthermore, they provide direct market and back-office connectivity via FIX/REST/Prop API for institutional clients.

Here we highlight 3 of our 7 multiple trading platforms:

  1. Rock Trader Pro, a user-friendly platform that provides live market data and exceptional versatility in terms of its multi-asset trading environment with the ability to trade stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Options, Bonds, Futures and currencies. RockTrader Pro is the perfect platform for traders who need access to an extensive range of financial markets with a single account. A trader using this platform has access to over 30,000 products, the latest market data on the most liquid financial markets, best reporting capabilities platform-wide and rapid execution speed in under 41 milliseconds, among other benefits.

  2. Arctic Trader, our second-most popular platform is specialized in Stocks, Options, Equities and Futures in the US and Canadian markets. Arctic Trader provides an overview of company profiles, professional analysts’ ratings and recommendations (based on financial reports and quarterly statements) before entering a position - ridding the painstaking research process that most traders have become accustomed to. Primarily designed as an information-only platform, Arctic Trader provides a wide selection of real-time news (such as Dow Jones News on S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Chinese & Russian Market Indices), press releases and technical analysis in comparison to others. The News streams are customizable, as is the user-interface, allowing you to organize your workspace as you see fit. Arctic Trader supports multi-asset trading from a single account.

  3. Atlas Trader platform was developed explicitly with the end-user in mind. Its front-end design displays the absolute trading essentials and appears to be the pure zen for traders. It provides a mix of simplified interface with professional trading tools, direct market access and the lowest commissions available, making it one of the most powerful platforms on the market. With Atlas Trader, you can double-check your exposure on asset classes and around the world with Atlas’ Risk Navigator. This feature is a forecast system based on historical market activity and can help you minimize your risk when trading on margin or with client funds. Take full advantage of over 30 advanced Algo’s and benefit from extremely low commissions while making large orders. You can trade multiple assets in markets through America, Europe, and Asia on a streamlined, modern, and tech-savvy platform.

*If you are looking for an online trading platform, maybe you know what your trading needs are, or perhaps you are exploring several options. As a credible, transparent and regulated firm, we are always open to interactions with our existing and future clients.

You may use these coordinates to reach our 24-hours online customer service team. You may contact our sales team at: +230 54490369 or to discuss our offering. *

Choose one or several trading platforms and achieve your goals with Investors Europe

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