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Company News, 20 December 2023

Holiday Trading Hours 2023

Holiday trading hours during the upcoming days are as follows in the table below.

DateRegionOpening time
25-12-2023NYSE MKT (American Stock Exchange)Closed
25-12-2023Euronext AmsterdamClosed
25-12-2023Australian Securities ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Athens ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Bats BZXClosed
25-12-2023Euronext BrusselsClosed
25-12-2023Budapest Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023NASDAQ OMX CopenhagenClosed
25-12-2023Euronext Growth ParisClosed
25-12-2023Deutsche Borse (Frankfurt Floor)Closed
25-12-2023Deutsche Börse (XETRA)Closed
25-12-2023Hong Kong ExchangesClosed
25-12-2023NASDAQ OMX HelsinkiClosed
25-12-2023Euronext DublinClosed
25-12-2023Johannesburg Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Euronext LisbonClosed
25-12-2023London Stock Exchange (Indices)Closed
25-12-2023London Stock Exchange (ETFs)Closed
25-12-2023London Stock Exchange (IOB)Closed
25-12-2023London Stock Exchange (SEAQ)Closed
25-12-2023London Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Borsa Italiana/Milan Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023NASDAQ (Small cap)Closed
25-12-2023New York Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023New York Stock Exchange (ARCA)Closed
25-12-2023OTC Markets Group (Pink Sheets)Closed
25-12-2023Oslo Børs/Oslo Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Euronext ParisClosed
25-12-2023Prague Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Singapore ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock ConnectClosed
25-12-2023BME Spanish ExchangesClosed
25-12-2023NASDAQ OMX StockholmClosed
25-12-2023SIX Swiss ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023SIX Swiss Exchange (ETFs)Closed
25-12-2023Toronto Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023TSX Venture ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Wiener Börse/Vienna Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023SIX Swiss Exchange (Blue-Chip)Closed
25-12-2023Warsaw Stock ExchangeClosed
25-12-2023Deutsche Börse (Indices & ETFs)Closed
DateRegionOpening time
26-12-2023Euronext AmsterdamClosed
26-12-2023Australian Securities ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Athens ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Euronext BrusselsClosed
26-12-2023Budapest Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023NASDAQ OMX CopenhagenClosed
26-12-2023Euronext Growth ParisClosed
26-12-2023Deutsche Borse (Frankfurt Floor)Closed
26-12-2023Deutsche Börse (XETRA)Closed
26-12-2023Hong Kong ExchangesClosed
26-12-2023NASDAQ OMX HelsinkiClosed
26-12-2023Euronext DublinClosed
26-12-2023Johannesburg Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Euronext LisbonClosed
26-12-2023London Stock Exchange (Indices)Closed
26-12-2023London Stock Exchange (ETFs)Closed
26-12-2023London Stock Exchange (IOB)Closed
26-12-2023London Stock Exchange (SEAQ)Closed
26-12-2023London Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Borsa Italiana/Milan Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Oslo Børs/Oslo Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Euronext ParisClosed
26-12-2023Prague Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock ConnectClosed
26-12-2023BME Spanish ExchangesClosed
26-12-2023NASDAQ OMX StockholmClosed
26-12-2023SIX Swiss ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023SIX Swiss Exchange (ETFs)Closed
26-12-2023Toronto Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023TSX Venture ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Wiener Börse/Vienna Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023SIX Swiss Exchange (Blue-Chip)Closed
26-12-2023Warsaw Stock ExchangeClosed
26-12-2023Deutsche Börse (Indices & ETFs)Closed
DateRegionOpening time
29-01-2024London Stock ExchangeMarkets closing process commences from 12:30 London time. Standard settlement day.
DateRegionOpening time
01-01-2024NYSE MKT (American Stock Exchange)Closed
01-01-2024Euronext AmsterdamClosed
01-01-2024Australian Securities ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Athens ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Bats BZXClosed
01-01-2024Euronext BrusselsClosed
01-01-2024Budapest Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024NASDAQ OMX CopenhagenClosed
01-01-2024Euronext Growth ParisClosed
01-01-2024Deutsche Borse (Frankfurt Floor)Closed
01-01-2024Deutsche Börse (XETRA)Closed
01-01-2024Hong Kong ExchangesClosed
01-01-2024NASDAQ OMX HelsinkiClosed
01-01-2024Euronext DublinClosed
01-01-2024Johannesburg Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Euronext LisbonClosed
01-01-2024London Stock Exchange (Indices)Closed
01-01-2024London Stock Exchange (ETFs)Closed
01-01-2024London Stock Exchange (IOB)Closed
01-01-2024London Stock Exchange (SEAQ)Closed
01-01-2024London Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Borsa Italiana/Milan Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024NASDAQ (Small cap)Closed
01-01-2024New York Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024New York Stock Exchange (ARCA)Closed
01-01-2024OTC Markets Group (Pink Sheets)Closed
01-01-2024Oslo Børs/Oslo Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Euronext ParisClosed
01-01-2024Prague Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Singapore ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock ConnectClosed
01-01-2024BME Spanish ExchangesClosed
01-01-2024NASDAQ OMX StockholmClosed
01-01-2024SIX Swiss ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024SIX Swiss Exchange (ETFs)Closed
01-01-2024Toronto Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024TSX Venture ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Wiener Börse/Vienna Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024SIX Swiss Exchange (Blue-Chip)Closed
01-01-2024Warsaw Stock ExchangeClosed
01-01-2024Deutsche Börse (Indices & ETFs)Closed
01-01-2024Tokyo Stock ExchangeClosed
DateRegionOpening time
02-01-2024Tokyo Stock ExchangeClosed
DateRegionOpening time
03-01-2024Tokyo Stock ExchangeClosed
DateRegionOpening time
05-01-2024NASDAQ OMX StockholmEarly Close 13:00
DateRegionOpening time
08-01-2024Tokyo Stock ExchangeClosed

Please note that during the holiday period, our support team will be available to assist you based on the following holiday schedule:

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