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There are a lot of products and services we offer. To navigate the universe and choose what’s right for you please contact our Sales&Support team. Our goal is to have satisfied customers that use the product that is right for them in functionality terms and price.



  • Delivers significant rates of returns
  • Backed by physical assets
  • Ability to participate in key managerial decisions
  • On-going revenue stream in the form of dividends
  • Exchange traded product, regulated by local authorities, hence risk of manipulation is reduced

Effectively when you buy stocks, you buy a piece of a company. This acquisition is of real, valuable assets that are bought or sold and you possess actual ownership. Though Stocks are a highly volatile product, they potentially bring higher profit both for aggressive traders and long-term investors. Stocks are especially good for those who have expertise and deep understanding on some concrete markets.

Leveraged Stocks

Leverage using trading stocks with Investors Europe allows to take on up to ...% greater position in a stock with a smaller amount of trading capital. This instrument is for the experienced traders who prefer agressive trading strategy. Though it potentially brings higher ROI it also can be risky on highly volatile markets.


  • Less likely to experience losses than other assets
  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • More reliable cash stream
  • Lower volatility than other assets
  • Certain Tax breaks apply
  • Dependable form of ‘interest’ income for those nearing retirement

Bonds are an asset which pay regular interest and are issued to raise funds from investors.Both business and government bonds are rated by licenced credit-rating agencies. Lower rated bonds pay higher interests and higher rated bonds pay lower interest. Bonds are a good addition to any portfolio due to their stability and fixed interest.When other assets have high volatility bonds can sometimes make significant gains as a ‘safe haven’investment. Buying bonds is for you if you have volatile assets in your portfolio or you prefer a more dependable income nearing important milestones such as your retirement or child’s further education.

Leveraged bonds

Though some investors find that bonds are suitable for defensive and/or conservative portfolios only, leveraged bonds can make this statement not so monosemantic. Because “when leverage works, it magnifies your gains”.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a form of collective investment in securities such as stocks, bonds and other assets. Usually these assets are staffed in categories by industry, type of returns or some other relevant case. Mutual funds are targeted on growing capital gains and income for the fund’s investors. Annual fund operating fees are calculated as the percentage of the funds under management, usually ranging from 1-3%.



  • Provides extra buying power and flexibility – leverage and small contracts, you can open a position larger or smaller than the equivalent shares or futures
  • Provides the same functionality as stocks
  • You can trade instruments otherwise not available – Index trackers
  • Exempt from stamp duty
  • Can be hedged with same instruments as underlying instrument

CFDs (Contract for Difference) allow you to trade on the price movements of instruments without actually possessing them. Most CFDs can be easily accessed in one platform and be traded on margin. Lower margin requirements vs. most products make CFDs an extremely attractive option, and when the market goes in an unexpected direction, CFDs can be easily hedged, limiting risk exposure. CFDs on cash instruments have no expiry date meaning you can hold a position for as long as you want – a good option to have if you’re experiencing losses due to unforeseen circumstances. Finally, CFDs are exempt from stamp duty and transaction costs are deductible, saving you large amounts if when trading high volume frequently.


Stock indices are one of the most reliable trading instruments in the financial markets useful for diversifying trader’s risks. The stock index is an indicator of the status and dynamics of the securities market, which is calculated based on the rates of the most liquid stocks. Indices of various countries reflect the state of the most developed industries and indicate the situation in national economies. This is a great financial tool for long term investors

Equity Options

Equity Option is an option that gives trader the right (but not the obligation) to sell or buy a specific number of shares for a certain time period at a predetermined price. A call option is acquired by the investor when growth is expected. Put option is purchased in the opposite case.


Futures is a derivative financial instrument, a contract to buy or sell the underlying asset on a certain date in the future, but at the current market price. Futures attract investors with their transparency, liquidity, low risks of a transaction and the accuracy of tracking the underlying asset

Futures Option

Futures option has all the features of an ordinary option contract, except the asset is secured by a futures contract. The date of execution in this case should occur shortly after the date of delivery under this option contract. The buyer pays the seller a premium guaranteed by the stock exchange clearing house. Options on futures contracts are European-type options and are executed only on the expiration date specified in the contract.


FX Spot

FX spot spot transaction is an operation with the two parties exchanging one currency for another at the agreed exchange rate. Settlement usually lasts from 1 to 3 days.

Trade FX spot with prices in real time at Investors Europe. We’ve made trading much easier by colour coding buy orders in blue and sell orders in red when prices are in real time and the market is open. You can place a variety of orders such as market, limit, and stop orders, giving you greater control overall. FX Spot instruments are available for trading 24/6.

FX Forward Outrights

FX Forward is a contract executed right away with the settlement in future. It’s based on a contract for the sale of foreign currency with delivery at a certain time or for a certain period in the future. This type of contracts provides strong protection to the investors, importers or exporters from unexpected volatility effects on the exchange rates. Investors Europe can now offer you FX Forward Outrights with maturities from 1 day to 12 months on over 100+ currency pairs.


Non-Deliverable Forward is a cash-settled, and usually short-term forward contract. It includes the obligation of one party to pay another party the difference between the price of the Currency pair at the time of conclusion and at the time of the execution of the agreement. Non-deliverable forwards are helpful for offshore investors who want to trade with nations operating non-convertible currencies like INR, BRL, ARS etc. NDF has no physical exchange in the local currency and is settled in U.S. dollars, which gets around the nonconvertible part of the currency. This is a great choice for professional clients who can afford a minimum trade size requirement of 100k or equivalent, and margin of at least 8%. NDFs are tradable offline and a strategic choice for diversifying any portfolio.

FX Vanilla Options

Vanilla option is the simplest type of option, also called European or classical. These are the contracts for put and call options with the specified option strike price, the option expiration date and the transaction type – put or call. These options are often used for hedging the risks.

You can now trade up to 44 FX crosses European-style including silver and gold with Investors Europe. Call and put options can be exercised into spot or cash from the ‘option trade ticket’ or from the ‘option board’. Investors Europe Vanilla options are open for trading 24/6, and can be bought or sold until maturity.

Exotic FX Options

The binary option, also called the “all or nothing” is an option with a fixed profit. It is an exotic transaction, which at a specified time and depending on the fulfillment of the stipulated condition either provides a fixed amount of income (premium) or does not bring anything. Since the option is bought in advance at a fixed price, the grand total is either positive (in the amount of the difference between the premium and the price of the option) or negative (by the value of the option). As a rule, the size (modulus) of a positive result is less than negative. This type of contracts has no options with maturities less than a day.


Custody of securities – we use only tier 1 custodians for the clients assets. Each of our trading platform caters for a specific client group. All of our custodians keep the client securities segregated and are not allowed to use them as own inventory. Our custodians – Citi Global custody, Nomura, UBS, Maybank, RjObrian, Admisi, DTCC etc.

Lombard lending – we offer trading on the back of investment grade stocks and bonds with reasonable haircut.

Multi asset trading – we have several trading platforms that allow clients to trade multiple asset classes from the same account with cross margining or portfolio margin. All of the platforms support multi-currency accounts and speedy conversions from currency to currency.

DMA Trading access – All of our trading platforms have DMA access to the exchanges. We do not disclose client identities to our partners nor sell client flow.

Trading with a GUI of your choice – we offer 7 platforms and popular UIs like Bloomberg EMSX, Fidessa, CQG, TT etc

Black box trading – You can use your trading system or robot to access markets through us using different API – FIX, Rest etc

Available trading instruments – Cash shares, leveraged shares, CFDs, Equity options, ETFs/ETNs, Mutual funds, Futures, Options on futures, Spot FX, FX forwards, FX Vanilla and exotic options, NDFs.

Reporting – we provide a comprehensive reporting package for all platforms with online access. Reports are available via API as well.

Choose one or several trading platforms and achieve your goals with Investors Europe

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