Markets / Derivatives


  • Provides extra buying power and flexibility – leverage and small contracts, you can open a position larger or smaller than the equivalent shares or futures
  • Provides the same functionality as stocks
  • You can trade instruments otherwise not available – Index trackers
  • Exempt from stamp duty
  • Can be hedged with same instruments as underlying instrument

CFDs (Contract for Difference) allow you to trade on the price movements of instruments without actually possessing them. Most CFDs can be easily accessed in one platform and be traded on margin. Lower margin requirements vs. most products make CFDs an extremely attractive option, and when the market goes in an unexpected direction, CFDs can be easily hedged, limiting risk exposure. CFDs on cash instruments have no expiry date meaning you can hold a position for as long as you want – a good option to have if you’re experiencing losses due to unforeseen circumstances. Finally, CFDs are exempt from stamp duty and transaction costs are deductible, saving you large amounts if when trading high volume frequently.


Stock indices are one of the most reliable trading instruments in the financial markets useful for diversifying trader’s risks. The stock index is an indicator of the status and dynamics of the securities market, which is calculated based on the rates of the most liquid stocks. Indices of various countries reflect the state of the most developed industries and indicate the situation in national economies. This is a great financial tool for long term investors

Equity Options

Equity Option is an option that gives trader the right (but not the obligation) to sell or buy a specific number of shares for a certain time period at a predetermined price. A call option is acquired by the investor when growth is expected. Put option is purchased in the opposite case.


Futures is a derivative financial instrument, a contract to buy or sell the underlying asset on a certain date in the future, but at the current market price. Futures attract investors with their transparency, liquidity, low risks of a transaction and the accuracy of tracking the underlying asset

Futures Option

Futures option has all the features of an ordinary option contract, except the asset is secured by a futures contract. The date of execution in this case should occur shortly after the date of delivery under this option contract. The buyer pays the seller a premium guaranteed by the stock exchange clearing house. Options on futures contracts are European-type options and are executed only on the expiration date specified in the contract.

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