Markets / Cash Products


  • Delivers significant rates of returns
  • Backed by physical assets
  • Ability to participate in key managerial decisions
  • On-going revenue stream in the form of dividends
  • Exchange traded product, regulated by local authorities, hence risk of manipulation is reduced

Effectively when you buy stocks, you buy a piece of a company. This acquisition is of real, valuable assets that are bought or sold and you possess actual ownership. Though Stocks are a highly volatile product, they potentially bring higher profit both for aggressive traders and long-term investors. Stocks are especially good for those who have expertise and deep understanding on some concrete markets.

Leveraged Stocks

Leverage using trading stocks with Investors Europe allows to take on up to ...% greater position in a stock with a smaller amount of trading capital. This instrument is for the experienced traders who prefer agressive trading strategy. Though it potentially brings higher ROI it also can be risky on highly volatile markets.


  • Less likely to experience losses than other assets
  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • More reliable cash stream
  • Lower volatility than other assets
  • Certain Tax breaks apply
  • Dependable form of ‘interest’ income for those nearing retirement

Bonds are an asset which pay regular interest and are issued to raise funds from investors.Both business and government bonds are rated by licenced credit-rating agencies. Lower rated bonds pay higher interests and higher rated bonds pay lower interest. Bonds are a good addition to any portfolio due to their stability and fixed interest.When other assets have high volatility bonds can sometimes make significant gains as a ‘safe haven’investment. Buying bonds is for you if you have volatile assets in your portfolio or you prefer a more dependable income nearing important milestones such as your retirement or child’s further education.

Leveraged bonds

Though some investors find that bonds are suitable for defensive and/or conservative portfolios only, leveraged bonds can make this statement not so monosemantic. Because “when leverage works, it magnifies your gains”.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a form of collective investment in securities such as stocks, bonds and other assets. Usually these assets are staffed in categories by industry, type of returns or some other relevant case. Mutual funds are targeted on growing capital gains and income for the fund’s investors. Annual fund operating fees are calculated as the percentage of the funds under management, usually ranging from 1-3%.

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