Company / Frequently Asked Questions

Account opening.

How do I open an account with Investors Europe?

To open an individual investment account with Investors Europe, you have to register on our website and provide the following documents:

  • Certified proof of Identity (e.g. passport copy, driver’s licence or National Identity Card)
  • Proof of Residency (e.g. a utility bill issued not earlier than 3 months ago)

In addition, we will also provide you with 2 forms to sign during the account opening process:

  • Due Diligence Requirements
  • Account Opening Form

In case you have further questions regarding account opening process, please contact our support team:

How do I open a corporate account with Investors Europe?

To open a corporate investment account with Investors Europe, you have to register on our website and provide the documents, confirming the following:

  • Corporate/Board Resolution to open an account with Investors Europe signed by all directors
  • Certified copy of Register of Directors and Shareholders
  • Certified copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certified copy of Register of Registered office
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified copy of Share Certificates
  • Certified copy of Good Standing (for companies older than 1 year)
  • Certificate of Incumbency if the public record of status is not available online (for companies older than 1 year)
  • A copy of the trust deed/agreement, if applicable
  • Certified copy of Passport (or national identity card or a driver’s license) of each Beneficial Owner / Director / Authorized Person
  • Certified Utility bill (not older than 3 months) for each Beneficial Owner / Director / Authorized Person

In addition, we will also provide you with 2 forms to sign during the account opening process:

  • Due Diligence Requirements
  • Account Opening Form

In case you have further questions regarding account opening process, please contact our support team:

How long it takes to open an account?

After submitting all the necessary documents, it takes 1-2 working days for individual clients and 3-4 working days for corporate clients.

Is there a minimum funding requirement for individual and corporate clients?

In order to open and activate the account, the minimum funding amount for individual clients is USD 10,000. For corporate clients with more than one level of ownership, the minimum is USD 50,000.

Can I open a Joint account?

Yes, we also offer the possibility of opening joint accounts. For information on joint accounts and a full list of required documents, please contact our support team via

In which languages I can get the support?

Investors Europe offers clients’ services and support in English, Russian, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages. Due to the high demand, we are also planning to add Chinese support in the near future.

How Investors Europe is different from other brokers?

Investors Europe is a risk-averse company. That reflects the values of the founder, who has more than 40 years of experience in the brokerage business. During these 4 decades, he has seen and overcame through major financial crises’. In a nutshell, you can call our strategy "no risk, provide quality service, and be honest with your clients and yourself". Our goal is to offer the maximum range of financial instruments and quality products so that the client can find exactly what he needs to meet his demands.

Who can I talk to if I have specific questions around your offering?

We always strive to offer each client a personalized solution based on his trading characteristics and needs. We encourage you to get in touch with our team via email or phone on +44 20369 51654 to discuss the details.

Can I open more than one account?

You may open several different types of accounts with Investors Europe (e.g. an individual, joint, corporate) but not more than one per each type (i.e. you may not open multiple individual accounts in the same name).

You can have one multiple trading accounts for several platforms if you wish so.

Can I open a sub-account?

Yes, a client can open sub-accounts in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, SGD, DKK, NOK, JPY, CHN, SEK, CAD, NZD, HKD, ZAR.

I need an account confirmation letter for my accountant and tax declaration. Can you provide it?

Yes, after completing the account opening process, each client receives an Account Opening Letter with all the details that can be used as a confirmation.

Platforms. Markets. Instruments.

Which financial instruments are available?

Investors Europe offers a wide range of financial instruments from all over the world. Our clients have access to almost any assets from private equity and pre-IPO to structured products from the leading world banks. Certainly, clients also have access to such instruments as stocks, bonds, currencies, futures contracts, options and other derivatives.

Which trading platforms do you offer? How can I choose the most suitable one for me?

We like calling ourselves a MultiBroker. This term perfectly reflects our business model - multi-platform offering from one trading account. Our clients have access to the following trading platforms: Rock Trader, Atlas Trader, MT4, RJO WebOE, CQG Desktop, CQG QTrader, CQG Integrated Client, TT Trading, TT PRO Trading, Iress. We encourage you to get in touch with our team via email or phone +44 20369 51654 to discuss which of these platforms will best fit your trading needs.

How are your platforms different from others in the market?

All our platforms are hand-picked by professional traders and gained awards and recognitions in the financial industry. A unique combination of these platforms allows our clients to access a wide range of assets across the globe. Moreover, our clients benefit from accessing all these platforms just from a single trading account. Considering that a new account opening process with different banks and brokers can take weeks or even months, the advantage of having a single multi-asset and multi-platform account with Investors Europe becomes evident to save both money and time.

Can I trade US ETFs with you?

Yes, our clients have access to US ETFs but with certain limitations, which are imposed by the issuer in some cases.

What solutions do you offer for derivatives trading?

Investors Europe offers several platforms for derivatives trading, depending on the client’s needs. For example, a good choice can be CQG, TT Trading and other platforms. Also, clients have access to Direct API. We encourage you to get in touch with our team via email or phone +44 20369 51654 to discuss which of these platforms will best fit your trading needs.

Can I trade OTC instruments with you?

Yes, of course.

Are cash-accounts (non-margin) accounts available?

Yes, based on the client’s request we are able to facilitate such account setup.

How do I switch between different platforms on one account?

We do not limit our clients in choosing a platform, our clients can use several platforms from a single account. In order to connect a new platform, please submit your email request through our support team

Which account setups can you offer to Financial Advisors and Asset Managers?

For Asset Managers and Financial Advisors, we offer a possibility of setting up their own fee schedule, simultaneous access to the account from an investor's side, setting up access for auditors and administrators, the ability to allocate transactions between several accounts.

To open this type of account, the beneficiary of the account must go through the verification procedure. Next, the asset manager needs to submit a Power of Attorney together with his proof of identity and proof of residence. Our account manager will contact the beneficiary to confirm the validity of the Power of Attorney and after this verification, the setup is ready for trading.

For more information, we encourage you to get in touch with our team via email or phone +44 20369 51654.

Can I have demo access to one of your platforms? I have never traded on it and would like to test my strategy before opening a live account.

Yes, of course. In order to request demo access, please contact our support team by email:

Trading Conditions.

What is the leverage I can use on my investment account?

Margin levels depend on the platform, products, margin type and account exposure. For example, for a CFD on Apple (AAPL:Nasdaq) stocks on the Rock Trader platform the required margin will be 10% (effective leverage 1:10).

What are you trading commissions?

Investors Europe strives to provide a personal approach for each trader. Therefore we offer trading conditions depending on the needs of each client, the size of his account and trading activity. To discuss your personal pricing plans, please get in touch with our account managers via email or phone +44 20369 51654.

Can I connect automatic advisors/robots through API to your platforms?

Yes, it is possible for the majority of the platforms. For more detailed information please get in touch with our support team via email:

Is it possible to set up automated trading strategies and upload personalized trading indicators to your platforms?

Yes, it is possible for the majority of the platforms. For more detailed information please get in touch with our support team via email:

What are the margin calls and stop-out conditions?

A margin call is a term used to describe a situation when the value of an account (total deposits plus or minus any profits/losses) falls below margin requirements.

A margin call is initiated once Margin Utilization reaches 100%. In this situation, clients won’t be able to open new positions, yet they will still keep the existing positions as long as the risk management system allows.

Margin call process depends on the platform you use for trading. For example, on Rock Trader and Atlas Trader, this process is automated, thus Maybank notifies the client individually because they give approx up to 3 days to cover the deficit.

Is there any inactivity fee?

No, Investors Europe doesn’t apply any inactivity fee.

Are there any fees for processing dividend payments to the trading account?

Dividend payments will be credited to the clients account with any applicable withholding taxes deducted, thus Investors Europe doesn’t charge any extra commissions for processing.

What are the trading conditions for institutional clients

Trading conditions vary as are the clients’ needs. Some of our institutional clients manage a large number of accounts at the same time, others require an access to a certain technology. We have 20 years of experience in providing solutions in a multi-platform and multi-product environment, so we are certain that we can find the most suitable one for you as well.

To discuss your personal pricing plans, please get in touch with our account managers via email or phone +44 20369 51654.

What are the commissions for currency conversion on the trading account?

The solution depends on the type of platform you choose and the currencies involved. Overall we pride ourselves on being able to offer better conditions on average as most retail banks. For institutional clients we also offer conversion solutions on spot price without markups.

Where are your custodian accounts located?

Investors Europe uses Tier 1 banks to hold clients' securities. Among the custodians, we work with such banks as City Bank, Euroclear, Maybank Singapore, etc.

Is it required to make an exchange subscription to receive Live market data?

Generally speaking, yes you will need to subscribe for quotes to place trades, however our trading desk can place a trade on behalf of the client without it. That is handy for the clients who trade infrequently.

A subscription to live price data from an exchange gives you access to live prices on Stocks, Single Stock CFDs, ETFs/ETCs, CFDs on ETFs/ETCs, Futures, Contract options from the particular exchange.

On each platform, you will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to the exchanges of your choice depending on the instruments you are planning to trade.

Deposit & Withdrawal of funds.

How can I fund my account?

Your account with Investors Europe you can fund using a bank transfer. To receive the bank payment details, please get in touch with our support team via email:

How long does it take to book funds to my account?

Usually a bank transfer takes 2-3 business days. Booking of funds depends on the method used by the remitting bank. Please ask for a copy of the SWIFT from your remitting bank if funds are not received within five business days. Send the SWIFT message to, who will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I withdraw funds?

To withdraw funds, please email a completed form, that you can find in the client cabinet, to or After that the funds withdrawal is processed within 2-3 business days.

Investors Europe don’t charge any withdrawal fee, thus some extra charges may apply from the correspondence banks.

Funds are withdrawn only to a bank account in the name of the client and third party transfers will be rejected.

Which currencies are accepting for account funding?

You can transfer funds to your trading account in the following currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, GBP and CHF.

Can I transfer first USD 100, and after send the additional USD 9900 for my account activation?

Yes, of course. For the accounts over USD 20mio we also recommend transferring securities, instead of cash, as it is more cost-efficient and secure.

Can I transfer my open positions at another broker to my Investors Europe account instead of cash?

Yes, you can transfer your open positions/securities directly to your trading account with us. We recommend specifically this funding method for large clients, as it is more cost-effective and secure, due to the reduced risks connected to correspondence banks.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from a joint account to a personal one?

Yes, if the other joint account owner/s agree.

About the company, licenses and regulators.

Where are my funds kept after they are deposited into my account with Investors Europe?

Our priority has always been transparency and reliability for our clients, so for many years we have been cooperating only with trusted financial institutions around the world.

Currently our core bank for clients’ funds is MCB Mauritius. Immediately after receiving the funds, they are booked to an individual account allocated to each client on a specific platform. All customer funds are held in segregated accounts.

In which jurisdiction my account is open?

We open accounts in Mauritius. Investors Europe (Mauritius) Limited is authorised and regulated by the FSC Mauritius, license C112011088.

Mauritius falls under Common Law and honours ‘best-practice’ principles, making it an efficient yet safety-conscious country for international businesses who deem prevalent laws of England an important factor when deciding upon a jurisdiction.

Investors Europe is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius – a regulator consistent with the standards of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The World Bank's 2019 Ease of Doing Business Index ranks Mauritius on 20th position worldwide in terms of ease of doing business worldwide.

What are the investor protection conditions in Mauritius?

In order to clarify these terms and conditions, please visit the official website of the FSC Mauritius regulator. With care about clients' funds safety we arranged our own private insurance with AIG. Investors Europe provides 2 insurances - one against trading errors and the other against fraud. The coverage is 1.5 million euros in each case. For large clients who want an additional level of comfort, we can offer individual insurance.

We are an Execution only broker which means that we do not take the risks of customer's trades. All client assets and positions are located on trading platforms and allocated to separate accounts. Company and customer assets are not mixed at any stage of interaction with the company. Therefore, in the event of a theoretical bankruptcy, the client can receive his assets without any problems. In case of any shortage, we have adequate insurance, but our main asset is the reputation of the owner who has been in the brokerage business for over 40 years.

How Mauritius is different from other jurisdictions?

You can learn more about the FSC Mauritius on the official website. Amongst European jurisdictions we can compare Mauritius to the UK: with the official state language English, common law, the supreme arbitration body are the same as in the UK.

Essential advantages of the FSC Mauritius are the proximity to the markets of India, Asia and Africa.

Who are the company owners?

The Founder and Managing Director of Investors Europe Mauritius is Marie Pierre Bertrand Boulle. His reputation has been established through years of hard work and highly successful business ventures and partnerships worldwide. Bertrand holds an MBA in International Business, is a qualified analyst and a licenced cash and derivatives trader on EURONEXT markets.

Before entering Financial Markets, Bertrand worked with De Beers and diamond mining companies in UK, DRC (Kinshasa, Tshikapa, Luebo), Angola (Luanda and Lunda Norte - Lucapa, Andrada, Cuango), Sierra Leone (Kono, Freetown) and Guinea Conakry (Gbenko - AREDOR). On a Kimberlite diamond project, Bertrand's partners included the World Bank ( Having made a name for himself in the Diamond world, Bertrand went on to hold executive positions in various international banks and stockbrokers in London and Lisbon, including BNP Paribas and Banco Popular. During this time, he successfully launched two stockbrokers for European banks which gave him the experience and knowledge needed for his next venture.

Bertrand’s vision for Investors Europe is to create an environment where clients, seeking access to the financial products globally, have the highest level of protection and service they need to become successful.

Who are your clients?

Usually we serve institutional clients, retail and corporate professional clients with the initial deposit from USD 1 000 000, that are interested in multi product offering.

What is your business model?

For almost 20 years Investors Europe followed its business model - execution-only broker. This means that clients’ orders go straight to the market in all asset classes, eliminating any conflict of interest.

We follow best execution policy that refers to our obligation as a firm to execute orders on behalf of customers to ensure that the prices those orders receive reflect the optimal mix of price improvement, speed and likelihood of execution. It applies both to retail and professional clients as defined in the company’s general terms and conditions.

We employ White Label partnerships with our platform providers that allow us to offer you some of the best trading tools and platforms out there.

Investors Europe does not trade or hold proprietary positions at any time to guarantee that there are never any conflicts of interest with any client.

Choose one or several trading platforms and achieve your goals with Investors Europe

Investors Europe (Mauritius) Limited is authorised and regulated by the FSC Mauritius, license C112011088. Registered address: 4th Floor, Les Jamalacs Building, Vieux Conseil Street, Port-Louis 11328, Republic of Mauritius. Registered Number: 113933.

Any information contained on this website is provided to you for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any investments or related services that may be referenced here. Investing in certain instruments, including stocks, options, futures, foreign currencies, and bonds involve a high level of risk. Trading on margin comes with substantial risk as well. You must be aware of these risks before opening an account to trade. The income you may get from online investing may go down as well as up.