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Analytics, 13 February 2020

What type of investment should I make?

Wondering what type of investment to make? We provide some pointers below.

With all the information about investment opportunities we receive nowadays, an evident question most of us ask is the type of investment choices to make.

There are several ways to invest, from lifecycle to index funds, or just buying your own stocks and other financial products as you customize your portfolio. The most important thing is to ensure that your portfolio is balanced over time.

Each type of investment offers its own advantages. For example, if you are interested in investing for the long term with less effort, a good option would be to invest in lifecycle funds. It is a type of investment that adjusts itself over time. With lifecycle funds, an investor just sets the account, and basically ‘forgets it’. He just keeps funding their account while the fund handles the allocation, trading, and maintenance, automatically diversifying the portfolio.

As another option, you can consider an index fund. Index funds are low cost, easy to maintain and tax-efficient. However, you will need to invest in multiple funds to create a comprehensive asset allocation. If you are purchasing multiple index funds, you will have to rebalance it regularly, but they typically require a minimum investment.

Choosing the type of investment, you want to make gives you the chance to control it over time, in various ways. You can allocate your assets based on your risk tolerance and market predictions, have the flexibility of picking what you want and then adjusting it in the future to make sure your asset allocation is balanced. This can be either by yourself or by working with an expert. Either way, it’s important to research the type of fund you want to invest in to make a well-informed decision.

Thanks to technology, you can easily access a range of reliable companies that can better advise on which markets and products to buy based on your preferences. It allows you to track your investments and portfolio in real-time using professional and secure platforms, all from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

As an execution-only broker Investors Europe provides a range of platforms to meet your investment needs. You choose your investments and markets - we provide the platforms for accessing and executing your trades in real-time. Explore our wide selection of platforms, benefits offered, markets and products tradeable here.

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