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Analytics, 03 December 2022

Stocks For The Holiday Season

Investors are expecting stocks to start gathering speed as we head to the festive season. Trading optimism is also at its usual high during the holiday season. The normal spike in stocks around Christmas, listed in the calendar effects as the Santa Clause rally, should not be taken as a guaranteed phenomenon for every year.

Stocks began this year at record-breaking heights but took a hit that fell most while nearly crippling others. Interest hikes put in place by the federal reserve to combat the liquidity explosion plus the possible rise in borrowing cost hinted at by the fed officials may end up hitting already hard-hit businesses.

Traders tend to select stocks that are doing relatively worse compared to financial market conditions in expectation of recovery gains.

This however does not mean or imply that any investor should feel short on possible investment stocks during this holiday season. Here are some stocks that are looking good for the holiday. stock, formerly known as 360buy, also known as Jingdong and internationally as Joybuy, has its HQ in Beijing and has a revenue of 149.325 billion dollars. It witnessed a 6.69% spike on Tuesday jumping to a closing price of 53.25 dollars from a previous 49.91 dollars closing price. A stock volume of over 13 million shares changing hands, beat its usual average of about 9 million.

Analysts still consider it underpriced and expect it to record gains over the holidays.

Apple stock

This tech giant with a revenue of over 365 billion has always been a favorite on Wall Street for a very long time. This is mostly because by focusing on its tech products iPhone, iPad, mac, earphones, speakers, and headphones it has been able to perfect its services like non of its competitors.

Apple has therefore managed to get its own loyal-based clientele which keeps increasing. The tech giant has proved to be a great capital allocation planner having increased dividends given every year since it began giving them in 2012. It has also bought 550 billion dollars worth of its own stock back. Apple has a very lucrative stock valuation which is cheap from a price-to-earnings perspective. Its decline this year also means the stock could pull recovery gains over the Christmas season

Bowman consulting group stock

The Bowman consulting group provides services in; construction management, commissioning, planning, geomatics, engineering, environmental consultation, land procurement, and survey among other technical services required by a diverse array of clients. It has its headquarters in Virginia in the U.S.

The fast-growing company has been headed towards decidedly beating its market and its steep P/E can not be ok in any other scenario. Earnings estimate revisions are rising for BWMN and the stock also has an overall “A” VGM grade. Year over year, BWMN earnings are expected to climb a stellar 1,566% to $0.50 per share from $0.03 a share in 2021. FY23 earnings are anticipated to jump another 54% to $0.77 per share.

As the company moves further into profitability, top-line growth is also expanding. Sales are projected to be up 70% this year and rise another 21% in FY23 to $308.68 million.

Travel centers of America stock

Travel Centers of America is a full-service nationwide travel center chain based in the united states with over 270 locations spread out all over the country. It serves professional drivers as well as other road users with its growth rate expected to hit over 100%. The company’s revenue stands at 6.1 billion dollars and has its headquarters in west lake Ohio in the united states.

Analysts find Travel centers of America to be highly undervalued, with the target price ranges between 85 and 65 calculating the mean target price we have 75. With the stock’s previous close at 51.36, this is indicating there is a potential upside of 46.0%.

Walmart stock

The retail giant has its headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas in the United States, its revenue stands at 572.8 billion dollars. Its stock is in a bull trend, with the stock hitting six-month highs. It was decimated earlier this year with a multitude of macro-pressure. The earnings reports on the company recently jumpstarted by the recent rally experiencing a 6.5% spike on the day of the report. The retail giant kept on the rise to a formidable 11% in eight to nine trading sessions. It is expected to hit its highest in six months.

For people who do not take the holiday season as a time to walk away from trade to relax you can make an investment keeping in mind the relevant factors such as the Santa clause rally and January effect among other calendar effects and other financial facts and stock valuations.

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