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Analytics, 13 January 2023

Investing in AI Companies

The Artificial Intelligence sector is progressing with the current innovative companies in the sector designing AI programs for almost all needs. When Siri and Google assistant came online, users grew accustomed to interacting with them.

Among the most famous companies in the sector is OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company, with two AI programs that create images in a couple of minutes from texts, a feat that takes most other systems a few hours. The third AI program by this company is ChatGTP. The ChatGTP program gives users a forum to ask and receive answers on a wide range of topics and it also codes and writes essays better than pros.

OpenAI inc is not a publicly owned company but this is not the only AI programming company. In this article, we shall look at OpenAI and its products and the publicly available AI sector stocks.


OpenAI is an artificial intelligence company that is setting the pace in the AI sector and has created and tested three of the current most cutting-edge AI programs. Two are text-to-image systems, they create images in a couple of minutes from texts, a feat that takes most other systems a few hours. The third AI program by this company is ChatGTP. OpenAI is currently discussing share sales in an offer that will put the general value of the company at 29 billion dollars. Despite the slow revenue generation in the company, this tender makes it one of the most valuable U.S. startups in recent history.

Dall-e AI program is a text-to-image program designed by OpenAI. It takes in the information written down and creates an image based on millions of images on the internet. It does not reference one image and comes up with original pictures only. The program is used by designers to come up with prototypes.Point-e AI program is an OpenAI text-to-image program used to come up with 3D images from text instructions. The program works by comparing the text to an image with a 2D image to a 3D model. It basically makes a 2D image from text instructions and uses that image to create a 3D model.ChatGTP is an AI interactive program that helps with various actions from essay writing to coding. Though schools and AI conferences have banned the program it currently has about one million users.

After Microsoft first invested in OpenAI in 2019, the companies have gotten closer over the years and Microsoft now wants to invest 10 billion dollars and integrate ChatGTP into its plans for the future of AI. This deal is only part of the beginning to get funding through investors. This may bring on more openings for more diverse investors. The deal would value the entire company at about 29 billion dollars.

Open AI is not a publicly traded company, but it is owned by Microsoft Corp., and buying its shares can be a good option, especially since Microsoft announced launching an AI version of its Bing search powered by ChatGPT by the end of this March.

AI Stocks

Microsoft’s move may lead to the company finally going public but only time can truly tell. There are various companies that work with or for OpenAI in various aspects of the artificial intelligence sector. Among these companies are Infosys, which at the time of writing was trading at 1,504 INR, AP ventures, and Mitsubishi, which was trading at 4341 JPY at the time of writing.

Investing in companies whose profits can be affected by the now privately owned OpenAI, can be advisable depending on the potential rise in profit of the stock. And if investor wishes to invest in other AI projects, they should consider companies like:

Investor’s Note

Artificial intelligence may be the next big thing across different sectors, from entertainment to professional assistance. Every big thing going on in the world of innovation right now, has at least one way in which it depends on AI. From Tesla’s self-driven vehicles to the PDF reader on your computer.

Though it is currently impossible to invest directly in OpenAI, several other companies have the potential and technology to catch up and even surpass it. Obviously, this sector has a lot to offer and service providers intend to prove they can provide the best. For any investor, interested in introducing artificial intelligence to their investment portfolio, it would be possible to either invest in publicly traded AI companies like Baidu Inc and Rockwell Automation Inc or invest in those, like Infosys and Microsoft which act as supporters of the companies like tesla that deal directly with the creation.

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