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Analytics, 11 January 2023

Stocks to Consider in the Chinese Market

Optimism over the post-pandemic recovery of China has rallied investors’ morale as the stock markets traded exceptionally high in the first week of 2023.

Asian stocks were high ahead of the last december federal reserve meeting minutes on policymakers. As the stocks rose, the zero-covid policy and China’s effort to bail out the property sector have acted as boosters to the rise. Shen Chao, a strategist of HSBC Jintrust Fund Management, said that they have seen some recovery in economic activities as well as trading interest as they go into the new year.

The economic recovery mostly in equity valuations is expected to carry on as rising investor confidence boosts risk appetite in the market. Hong Kong stocks are now doing better and having the best year’s start since 2018. Most Chinese stocks play a lead role in portfolio diversification especially so in cases where the investor is not a citizen in the country or continent of the stock’s origin.

In this article, we shall go through some of China’s stocks with a potential upside going into 2023.

BYD Co Limited

BDY CO. Ltd. an electric car and accessories company. Its Stocks were trading at 266.59 Chinese Yuan during the time of writing. BDY Co. Ltd. is a Chinese conglomerate listed publicly. Though it trails behind Tesla in the global production of electric batteries for cars, the company is slowly closing the gap. Though it is a little-known company in the motor sector in China, BYD came through the pandemic period and seemed ready to rise. It is constructing another state-of-the-art plant for electric car batteries. The plant is located in Xuzhou in Jiangsu province of China. The first production date is expected to be anytime in late 2023.

Berkshire Hathaway’s investment company has sold over a million of its shares in the electric vehicle maker at about 24 U.S. Dollars each. The investment company lowered its holdings by almost 1% in shares. This came from a filing to the hong kong stock exchange.

Tencent Holdings

Tencent Holdings Limited headquartered in Shenzhen is a technology and entertainment conglomerate and holdings company. In gross revenue, the company ranks among the highest.

The stock was trading at 362.40 hong kong dollars as of the time of writing after a 3.61% rise in the day.

Tencent games, riot games, and epic games are among the company’s major subsidiaries.

Tencent received its first game license in 18 months last month. The company has also hit the ground running by not only growing its local market but also expanding to other nations. Their games are predicted to be Tencent’s best income generators this year.

Though the company has been late in joining the cloud market, its cloud business is expected to help its rise further given that the company is the self-proclaimed no. 2 in the cloud service providers and is actually 3rd behind Alibaba and Huawei.

JD. Com

JD. Com Inc has been known by other names such as jingdong and joybuy international. It was also formerly known as 360buy. It is an e-commerce company based in Beijing, China.

The stock was trading at 250 Hong Kong dollars as of the time of writing. In the past year, the stock price has had a 9% drop given its current price. The company is among China’s top pick B2C online retailers. The online retail market is predicted to grow by almost 20% within the next three years. In the current market environment, the company seems like a recommendable investment entry point. The company stocks are doing better as the Chinese economy slowly recovers.

With JD logistics and JD health among other subsidiaries, the company has a revenue of over 149 billion dollars.


The Pinduoduo stock was trading at 95.52 U.S. dollars at the time of writing. The company of which Hongkong walnut street limited is a subsidiary of, is a subsidiary of PDD the multinational commerce group. Pinduoduo leverages technology to promote and enable the agriculture industry by supporting the traditional aspects of this sector. The company has a platform that brings together farmers and consumers. This platform has connected many farmers with their target clientele.

Though the company is in debt, its trajectory and short-term liquidity show that it can most likely clear its debts without much fuss. Its balance sheet is hardly stretched considering the company boasts comfortable earnings. It is therefore not incorrect to say, Pinduoduo does not have a heavy debt load.

Investor’s Note

Stocks in Asia are off to a good start this year as investors seem taken by the Chinese stocks as the country steers clear of its zero covid policies. Buying Asian stocks is an ideal way to diversify your portfolio with its diverse markets. The chance to invest in foreign markets also lifts the burden from home markets protecting investors’ financial interests. The investment opportunities in Asia are not only diverse but also supported by the current policies on the covid-pandemic crisis.

China is home to over 1.4 billion people, making it a large continent in size but also in numbers.

The continent hosts over three dozen equity exchanges and a diverse range of different countries, from fully developed economies to frontier markets.

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