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Analytics, 10 February 2023

Google vs Microsoft: AI wars

On Monday, Google unveiled its plan to release a conversational chatbot named Bard. this has brought to light an interesting showdown between the tech company and its close rival Microsoft. Microsoft now holds a multibillion-dollar stake in the creating company of ChatGTP. Both Artificial intelligence programs can act the part of mimicking human writing.

Microsoft made an announcement last year saying that it was backing OpenAI. The tech giant is now planning on integrating ChatGPT features into its Teams platforms, with expectations that it will adapt the app to its Office suite and Bing search engine.

On Monday, Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc said it would be launching a chatbot service, called Bard, and more artificial intelligence technology for its search engine and other platforms. This was taken as an answer to Microsoft Corp’s intrusion of its domain in their rivalry aimed at spearheading a new wave of computing.

Google announced Bard’s existence less than two weeks after Microsoft disclosed that it had invested billions of dollars into OpenAI, the San Francisco-based maker of ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence tools that can write readable text and generate new images.

Google Stock

In a blog post, Alphabet Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said the mother company of Google, is opening a conversational AI service called Bard to test users for feedback, to be released to the public soon after. This was after Microsoft announced its decision to up the ante on a $1 billion investment that it previously made in OpenAI in 2019. This intensified the pressure on Google to demonstrate that it will be able to keep pace in a field of technology that many analysts believe will be as revolutionary as computers, the internet and fire have been in various stages over the course of human history.

In another sign of Google’s deepening commitment to the field, Google announced last week that it is investing in and partnering with a number of tech companies in the field.

Google also plans to begin incorporating LaMDA and other artificial intelligence advancements into its dominant search engine to provide more helpful and diverse answers with the hope of increasing its efficiency.

According to some news, google may have a team of engineers working on artificial intelligence technology. Bard initially will be available exclusively to a group of “trusted testers” before being widely released later this year, according to a Monday blog post from Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google stock was trading at 107.64 U.S.D as of the time of writing after it rose by 4.61% today. This brings its five-day rise to 8.99%. It has been doing well in 2023 so far, hitting a year-to-date rise of 20.78%.

Microsoft stock

Microsoft is staking its future on AI through billions of dollars of investment as it directly challenges Alphabet Inc’s Google. That could mean new competition for business customers using cloud and collaboration products as well as a vigorous return to consumer markets where Google now leads.

Microsoft plans to release technology to help big companies launch their own chatbots using the OpenAI ChatGPT technology Microsoft also wants to give customers ways to upload their own data and refine the voice of their chatbots according to their preferences.

Companies would have the right to remove Microsoft or OpenAI branding when they release chatbots developed with the software.

ChatGPT has caused a sensation for its ability to write essays, poems, or programming code on demand within seconds, sparking widespread fears of cheating or of entire professions becoming obsolete. Microsoft holds a billion-dollar stake in the company.

The ascent of ChatGPT could disrupt how consumers search for information Microsoft stock was trading at 267.56 U.S.D as of the time of writing. This was after its rise of 4.20% TODAY bringing its last five days’ rise to 7.93%. The stock is on the rise after 2022 hit the market hard. It has a year-to-date peak of 11.68%.

Investor’s Note

The investment in OpenAI looks like part of Microsoft’s plan to get a piece of cake from google’s turf. Microsoft’s search engine Bing currently commands a rough estimate of 10% of the search market but integrating the unique tool into the platform could lead to much-needed efficiency. This could see the tech giant from undisputed search leader Google.

Google has not disappointed either, it is about to break head lay down, and let Microsoft take over. It’s hardly a coincidence that Microsoft announced its news event right after Google said it is working on a ChatGPT rival of its own AI called Bard.

Both stocks started the year on a high note and have since held true to their upward course in the price rise.

Stocks in Alphabet and Microsoft have picked up since both of them started battling for dominance in the AI space. Keep an eye on the market to see who will make the next move between these two tech giants and stay informed.

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