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Analytics, 26 May 2020

Enhancing your returns by investing offshore

Offshore investing is often demonized in the media, presented as a situation where tax-evading investors illegally stash their money with some shady company located on an obscure island. Indeed, there will always be instances of shady deals, but the vast majority of offshore investing is perfectly legal.

What’s offshore investing?

Maybe you are wondering what offshore investing is. Offshore investing refers to a wide range of investment strategies that capitalize on advantages offered outside of an investor’s home country.

Offshore investing is a legal and effective way to invest in entities that are only available outside your home country and to take opportunities available at the global level. Investing offshore may enhance your returns and reduce risk by diversifying your exposure to one jurisdiction.

Though there may be greater opportunities at specific times, there is never a good or bad time to invest offshore. There is never a shortage of investment opportunities offered by reputable offshore companies that are fiscally sound, time-tested, and legal.

The Pros and Cons of offshore investing

Depending on your situation, offshore investing may offer many advantages including tax benefits, asset protection, and privacy, and a broader range of investments. Disadvantages include increasing regulatory scrutiny on a global scale and high costs associated with offshore accounts.

The advantages often outweigh the costs and scrutiny. For example, in addition to accessing a broader range of investments, investing in foreign countries shields the investor from a higher tax burden that would be incurred in their home country. Offshore accounts are flexible and provide investors with unlimited access to international markets and all major exchanges.

How to invest in offshore markets

Many might think that it’s complicated to invest offshore but it’s not so. First, you will need the usual: a bank account, an investment plan, and a strategy that includes your goals or objectives for investing offshore and the portfolio of financial instruments you plan to invest. Many of the people who invest offshore are already experienced traders with portfolios in their countries.

Offshore brokerage firms

Once you have decided that you want to invest offshore, you will need to open an account with an international stockbroker, an offshore brokerage firm such as Investors Europe.

An offshore stock brokerage firm is a financial institution that facilitates international trading on exchanges outside of the depositor’s domiciled nation – offshore. Offshore stockbrokers provide an international stockbroking account, which permits the investor legal access to offshore investment opportunities. Through offshore stockbroking accounts, you gain access to major markets stock exchanges and markets in multiple currencies and multiple portfolios, all from one account.

What is highly beneficial to trading through an offshore brokerage account is that you are automatically in the position to buy stocks in a foreign market, despite your location, rather than enduring a two-week process to find a brokerage firm in that country and open an account.

The actual trading of offshore shares occurs through an online trading platform that provides direct, real-time access to international stock exchanges. Once you’re all set up, you’re only left to decide what shares you will be trading. The account and the trading platform conveniently position the offshore trader to take advantage of trading opportunities in multiple markets as soon as they arise.

As regards to a portfolio, you can construct your portfolio of global shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or you can choose to have your portfolio managed by a team of advisers and expert analysts. The choice is yours.

Trade Global Markets with Investors Europe Mauritius trading platforms

As a regulated international offshore stockbroker, Investors Europe provides investors looking to invest offshore with offshore trading accounts. Over the last 20 years, we have created long term relationships with firms across the world, helping keep our client’s assets safe and private, in a transparent process without any conflict of interest. Some of the advantages of investing through Investors Europe Mauritius include:

  1. Multiple Platforms. We provide the largest selection of online trading platforms compared to any other stockbroker. Our multiple trading platforms meet the needs of traders who need access to multiple assets simultaneously. Once you become our client, you may easily switch between platforms, markets, and instruments worldwide, making your portfolio absolutely customizable. You choose your investments and markets - we provide the platforms for accessing and executing your trades in real-time.
  2. We are an execution-only broker. You deal directly with an execution-only broker and your orders go straight to the market in all asset classes - eliminating any conflict of interest.
  3. Safety of Funds. Furthermore, we choose to keep our client’s assets only with the largest and regulated financial institutions in the EU, US, and Singapore, guaranteeing the safety of funds at all times.
  4. We cater for all Asset classes. Access multiple asset classes - From ETFs to CFDs, Stocks to Bonds, and Derivatives to Currencies - and trade from a single account with our hand-picked online trading platforms or enjoy direct market access to the largest trading venues in the world.
  5. Transparency. We believe in total transparency. We are clear about how we operate, who our owners are, and the connection between our entities. We have invested decades to gain our reputation as an open and honest broker, and we intend to stay that way.
  6. Authorized and Regulated. We are Authorized and Regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. Mauritius offers numerous advantages for investing looking to invest offshore while remaining transparent and consistent with major international investment conventions. Mauritius has a Baa1/Stable Moody’s Investment Rating and operates under common law which makes business easy.

Let’s get you started with offshore trading

We provide our clients with more considerate and dutiful customer service than your local bank. Speak to our team of experts about your trading needs and let us work with you in finding a solution specific to you. Let’s get you trading offshore.

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Choose one or several trading platforms and achieve your goals with Investors Europe

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