Welcome to Investors Europe!

Bertrand Boulle, Founder and Managing Director of Investors Europe

Bertrand Boulle, Founder and Managing Director of Investors Europe


As Managing Director and Founder of investorseurope in 2001, it is my great pleasure to set out the company’s Mission Statement and to invite you to Trade the World from the Rock of Mauritius. Le Morne, the “Rock of Mauritius” and the famous Rock of Gibraltar represent what Investors Europe has to offer you as a client: Solidity, Integrity and a highly personalized approach to each and every investor who benefits from a comprehensive array of Offshore Trading Platforms.

Investors Europe Gibraltar, as your Introducing Broker, will assist you and provide access to the Key Strategic Advantages of:-

In Gibraltar, we will support you and act as your pure introducing brokers whilst Investors Europe Mauritius is your execution-only stock broker so that there is no possibility the company can ever have a conflict of interest with you as our client.

Pure Execution, No Conflicts.

Investors Europe offers you the very highest levels of client protection possible because, in addition to working with EU MiFID designated client portfolios as an internationally accepted benchmark, client assets are held in the UK rather than in the euro area because the UK offers the highest levels of overall protection to the Company’s underlying clients under the UK’s Investor Protection Scheme.

Once you have opened up your nominee offshore trading account, we will either find you the best managers to manage your assets or simply hand over the keys to your Offshore Trading Platform to start you “Trading the World From The Rock“.

If you want to give us orders over the phone, that’s no problem either: it’s all part of the service that we, as a client orientated company, are proud to give all our clients absolutely free of charge.

Happy Trading and Never -but Never- forget the Stops!