MiFID as an International Bench Mark

Investors Europe (Mauritius) Ltd (“IEM”), is regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius. The company’s directors believe that Investors Europe Mauritius sets an international benchmark in terms of the additional protection and safety it provides clients. Within this commitment to the protection of its clients, the company is compliant with, and abides by, the two main pillars of the EU’s Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) : (i) Best Execution policy and  (ii) Conflicts of Interests policy.

MiFID is an important piece of legislation governing dealings in financial instruments across the European Community which has been adopted as Best Practice by Investors Europe (Mauritius) Limited. The adoption of MiFID as the Company’s Benchmark will have a direct impact on the relationship between the firm and our clients and the company believes this commitment to MiFID is overwhelmingly positive for our clients whether they be citizens of the EU, or not. This is because it means clients will be given greater protection because we will take greater account of their particular circumstances and financial objectives.

By committing as a company to MiFID as our benchmark, we categorise our clients into two main categories:  retail clients and professional clients.

Retail clients are afforded the most protection by the company and it has contracted a global insurance which has specifically been tailored to protect their interests.
Professional clients are afforded much less protection on the basis that they are considered to be more experienced, knowledgeable and sophisticated than retail clients.
The company reserves the right to stop retail clients trading products which it considers to be against their interests, in the light of the clients’ specific characteristics, knowledge and trading profile.

A client will be categorised as a professional if he or she meets two of the three specific criteria below:

  • client must have carried out transactions, in significant size, on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters;
  • client’s financial portfolio (defined as cash deposits together with financial instruments) exceeds EUR 500,000;
  • client has worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position.

If you consider that you meet the above criteria and specifically wish to be treated as a Professional client, either generally or in respect of a particular investment service or transaction, or type of transaction or product, you must inform us of the same in writing.  After assessing you against the above criteria we must then give you a written warning of the protection and investor compensation rights that you will stand to lose a result of waiving your retail client status.  In a separate document to your contract with us you must also state that you are aware of the consequences of waiving the protections afforded to Retail clients by the company.

In its dealings with all clients, the company commits to complying with its “Best Execution” policy in relation to client orders as well as to its  “Conflicts of Interest” policy.

In accordance with the company’s commitment to be working operationally under MiFID as a corporate benchmark, Investors Europe (Mauritius) will also be requiring you, as part of the account opening process, to complete one or two questionnaires that will enable us to determine whether certain products and services that we offer are suitable and appropriate for your particular level of knowledge and experience.

Rest assured, however, that whilst the foregoing will enable us to understand your specific trading profile and attendant risks as an investor, it will in no way not stop or impede you from continuing to trade per normal. If you wish to discuss any of the issues addressed in this communication, or any other matter relating to your dealings with us, please contact compliance@investorseurope.net. Alternatively any member of our staff will be happy to assist you with your queries.

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