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Trade mt4 forex from Gibraltar. Gibraltar forex trading at your beck and call
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform is a professional online trading platform with technical analysis in real time giving cutting edge trading execution of Forex online. When you trade MT4 forex with Investors Europe, you get free access to a nominee forex trading account and this effectively transforms MT4 into an Offshore Trading Platform. MT4 forex gives offshore traders and offshore investors access to a wide range of orders and allows flexible management of forex trading activities.
As well as offering a wide variety of technical indicators and line studies, MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform has a built-in language for forex trade strategies programming  using MetaQuotes Language 4. Using this language, you can create Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators and Scripts for your forex trading strategy. Expert Advisors can analyze the situation on the forex markets, make appropriate decisions, put pending orders, and open positions in on-line mode without the forex trader's participation. Custom Indicators, just like technical ones, can analyze the situation on the forex markets and generate various signals. As for Scripts, they are designed for single execution of some specific forex trading actions.
Client forex terminal MetaTrader 4 key features:
  •  various forex execution technologies: Instant forex Execution, Request forex Execution, Market forex Execution;
  •  confidentiality of all forex trading operations;
  •  unlimited currency charts quantity;
  • support of various forex feed timeframes (from minutes up to months);
  • large number of technical indicators and forex line studies;
  • Experts, Custom Indicators and Scripts fo your forex strategy;
  • MultiLanguage program interface;
  • realtime fx data export via DDE protocol;
  • signals of system and forex trading actions;
  • getting on-line forex news from financial markets;
  • internal e-mail system;
  • printing currency charts and completed fx trading transactions
Trade mt4 forex from the Rock with Europe's best forex broker in Gibraltar. This European forex broker is regulated for MiFID products which does not cover spot forex.
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